15 Times HyunA And Dawn Were The Most Fashionable Couple In Town

Who else dresses like them?

HyunA and Dawn are going strong and fans are all for it!

They first revealed that they were in a relationship in 2018, later explaining that they have a “special connection” with each other.

Besides their complementary personalities, their styles are also both notably fashionable. Check out some instances below!

1. In matching black tops with hip accessories

2. In Versace and animal print

3. In an oversized coat and unzipped pants

4. In 90’s disco attire

5. In colors welcoming spring

6. In beanies and soft looks

7. In matching cream jackets

8. In rainbow and black

9. In simple lounge clothes

10. In a total road trip outfit

11. In bright colors and a kiss

12. In purple pants and brown jackets

13. In plaid and fleece with bright hair

14. In white shirts and an office look

15. In grey running attire and a jumper

They’re not afraid to show off their personal styles while looking cute doing so!