The Full Story Behind How HyunA And Dawn Fell In Love And Became An Iconic Couple

They are everyone’s #relationshipgoals now.

In the latest episode of Knowing BrosHyunA and Dawn shared never-told-before details about how they came to be the most iconic couple in the K-Pop scene! Here’s the full story behind how HyunA fell in love with Dawn — and how Dawn fell in love with HyunA.


HyunA revealed she had a crush on Dawn first, who was actually a trainee at the time. She noted that she became interested in him because he acted in unexpected ways and she saw herself in that side of him. She grew curious and soon she began to like him.

It was me… This is so embarrassing, but it was me who liked him first. I waited a year and a  half for him.

— HyunA


She added, in the year-and-a-half’s time, she tried to drop hints so Dawn would notice her feelings for him.

I would try to bring him gifts… while trying to make it look casual. I’d be like, ‘I was in the area and came by to drop this off for you. Can you come down for a second?’ But he was so oblivious. He was like, ‘No, sorry. I’m busy right now.’

— HyunA


To this, Dawn commented that he was oblivious because he didn’t think a superstar like HyunA would find a trainee like himself any interesting. He also pointed out that he didn’t have any feelings for HyunA at first, so none of her “hints” meant anything to him.

I mean, it was cool to see such a huge star up close. But I didn’t have any special feeling for her. As time went on though, I realized that she’s very humble in the way she treats the people around her. She was nothing like I imagined her to be. So I thought she was an amazing sunbae and that kind of opened up my heart.

— Dawn


As he got to know HyunA better as a friend though, Dawn realized that HyunA and he have a lot in common. Once he began sharing more personal conversations with her, he realized that she might be the one.

We had a special connection. I didn’t expect to find someone who thinks the way I do. As soon as I realized that, I knew that I had developed feelings for her too.

— Dawn


After all the (failed) hinting and waiting, HyunA decided to tell Dawn how she felt. Her first attempt, however, fell apart miserably — as an unexpected third party interrupted the meticulous plan HyunA had laid out.

So I had few drinks at this place close to my house. But I’m not a huge drinker, so I got a little tipsy. I decided to walk that off a little, then call Dawn and tell him how I feel. So I began walking home but I noticed someone was following me! I got scared and he was the only person I could think of at the time. I called him as I began running away from the stranger. The whole time I was telling him about what the stranger is doing and how I’m scared. He told me to get home safe and we hung up. That was that.

— HyunA


HyunA didn’t give up though. She gave it another try, hoping Dawn would notice her feelings for him. In her second attempt, HyunA was a bit bolder and as straight-forward as fans know her to be:

I went home with another bottle of fruity soju in my arms. I took a picture of that and a shot glass to text Dawn. When he saw the picture, he told me to hang on. He went and got himself something to drink too. So we weren’t together, but we were drinking together… And so I began. I said, ‘I have something to tell you. I’ve been in love with you for a while. But since I’m not really in the position to ask you out first, I really wanted you to notice me. But you’ve been so blind to my feelings. So I’m going to step up. I like you and I’ll wait for you until you’re ready.’

— HyunA


When Dawn heard HyunA’s courageous confession, he didn’t hold back either. He took the matter into his own hands and asked HyunA to be his girlfriend!

His answer to all that was so straight-forward though. He said, ‘Why wait? Why can’t we start seeing each other right away?’ And as soon as I heard that, I stomped my feet in absolute thrill. I did question a little bit though, because he answered so immediately, like if it was real or not…

— HyunA


Dawn clarified that he charged forward because he didn’t want to make HyunA wait any longer. His feelings for her had grown immensely by then too — and he knew what he had to do!

Well, by the time I went to buy the drink and did that whole thing, I was serious about my feelings too. So when she told me how she felt, I was shook. And I knew when she said she would wait, that she meant she would hold things off until I’m ready to date her once I debut and build my career, but I was already ready. I didn’t want to waste the time. I wanted to make things official right away.

— Dawn


So since then, which was approximately four years ago, HyunA and Dawn have been together. And while at first, their relationship (and the following termination of their contracts with Cube Entertainment) came as a huge shock to the nation, K-Pop fans have come to cherish these two as game changers in how dating is accepted in the industry. Just look how happily in love they are! What is the reason not to support? After all, love is a beautiful thing.


HyunA and Dawn’s full love story is featured in the 204th episode of Knowing Bros. Take a sneak peek inside the episode:

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