15 Times Jeon Somi Was A Gorgeous Queen With Legs For Days In High Heels

She slays in high heels!

Jeon Somi is a gorgeous idol, who’s known for her pretty proportions and tall height! She looks especially tall in high heels, which accentuate her long legs well! Here are 15 times Somi wore high heels, and flaunted her proportions like the queen she is!

1. She’s such a beauty!


2. She’s killin’ this whole fit!


3. She’s gorgeous in these heels!


4. Somi is an angelic beauty in white!




5. She’s so cute!


6. She’s an alluring queen in these high heels!


7. These heels are so pretty!


8. Gorgeous queen!


9. This all-denim look with heels is a winner!


10. She pulls heels off so well!


11. Her casual look with these heels boots are a mood!


12. Another one for her casual fashion visuals!


13. These white boots are so cute!


14. She slays these heels!


15. These black heels look amazing on her!