TWICE’s Chaeyoung And Somi Gain Attention For Lifting Up Their Shirts In New Photo

Netizens are not amused.

TWICE‘s Chaeyoung and Somi are besties through and through, but their recent Instagram upload is concerning netizens.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung and Somi | @chaeyo.0/Instagram

They shared photos of their recent hangout on April 1st, their tradition for the last 11 years.

| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

Many of the photos show their fun memories, such as hanging out in a photobooth and being out and about.

| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

They also took photos wearing funny, colorful wigs.

| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

However, they’re receiving flack from netizens for one of the photos where they’re lifting up their shirts, with Somi’s bra exposed.

| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

Netizens are concerned that such a photo is not normalized in conservative Korean culture among commoners, let alone celebrities.

Screenshot 2024-04-02 115227
| Instiz
  • “Hmm??”
  • “They uploaded the first picture then edited it lol… Why even take a photo like that…”
  • “Oh my….??”
  • “Wow I don’t even understand why ordinary people do that, but they’re celebrities LOL”
  • “What did I just see?”
  • “OMG… What is this…”
  • “Why are they like this…”
  • “Is that a bra…?!”
| @chaeyo.0/Instagram

The two exchanged comments under the photo.

Somi: “Hahahahhah no but.. hahahah”

Chaeyoung: “LOL”

Screenshot 2024-04-02 120553
| @chaeyo.0/Instagram
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