15 Times That Mingi Proved He Really Is The Princess Of ATEEZ

He’s too precious for this world

ATEEZ may be infamous for their “demon line” — including leader Hongjoong — but not all of their members are so dark and intense. Mingi in particular is often called the “baby” or “real maknae” of ATEEZ, and he is also a self-proclaimed “princess” despite his impressive height and bold personality. Here are 15 times where he proved that he deserves this adorable title.

1. These reasons that he’s just too precious for this world

2. When Yunho recognized Mingi’s need to share his princess love

3. The fact that he looks so adorably perfect in flower crowns

4. When a fan pointed out all these things that make him truly Baby

5. His smile that’s just too soft and precious not to be royal

6. When he looked extremely happy to be dressed like the princess he is

7. When Jongho crowned him like he deserves

8. The fact that he introduces himself as “Princess Mingi”

9. When he gave a tiny pouty baby wave

10. Just. This whole look.

11. He’s so soft that he gives out flowers

12. And the fact that he likes to pose with flowers

13. When he continued to encourage the “Mingi pink princess” agenda

14. When he even performed the intense “Answer” choreography with a crown and wand

15. And finally, the fact that he’s perfectly happy dancing to cute girl group songs