15 Times SEVENTEEN’s Vernon Convinced Everyone He’s The Perfect Boyfriend We’ll Never Have

Talk about wildest dreams.

Seems like being a main rapper, visual, face and sub-vocalist just isn’t enough for SEVENTEEN‘s Vernon—he’s also become one of the group’s biggest heart-stealers. Time and time again he’s proved he’s the boy anyone would dream of dating. From exploring the great outdoors to simply waking up in the morning, here are 15 times Vernon accidentally made everyone think of how their lives would be with him as their boyfriend.

1. Who wouldn’t love such an athletic boyfriend?

2. And even while paragliding, he looks perfect

3. It would be impossible not to snap pics of him, even on the subway

4. And the subway would lead to the most romantic dates

5. Which would usually start with him handing you flowers

6. And end with late night walks

7. With his great fashion sense, he’d always help you pick the perfect outfits

8. And he’d take you with him to help pick the perfect record

9. Sometimes he’d even take you to his favorite arcade place (and let you win of course!)

10. Or even cook for you

11. Like the perfect boy, he’d laugh at all of your jokes

12. His good looks would actually make studying seem enjoyable

13. Every snap you sneak of him would look like a magazine cover

14. Whether you were exploring an art gallery

15. Or just watching him wake up!