15 Times TWICE’s Tzuyu Was The Girlfriend We’ll Never Have

#9 is the dream.

TWICE‘s Tzuyu is a lovable maknae and successful idol. To ONCEs out there who has her as a bias, you’re in luck! Tzuyu has many photos that just scream “girlfriend material”.

Check them out below!

1. Stopping by the arcade with you

2. Waiting for friends with you

3. Cuddling Gucci with you

4. Staying warm with you

5. Looking at the menu with you

6. Eating ice cream with you

7. Cooking a simple meal with you

8. Enjoying date night with you

9. Waking up fresh—it’s Tzuyu

10. Talking casually with you

11. Being at class with you

12. Playing around with you

13. Sending OOTDs with you

14. Smiling while walking with you

15. And finally, doing aegyo for you