15 Times TWICE’s Chaeyoung Proudly Wore Unique Outfits To The Airport

She’s unfazed by all the hateful comments!

One thing ONCEs love about TWICE‘s Chaeyoung is her distinctive and fearless character. Aside from not being afraid to have multiple tattoos on her body given the conservative Korean entertainment industry, she also proudly wears whatever the heck she wants to wear!

Here are 15 times she wore unique outfits to the airport and managed to pull it off—haters be damned.

1. Futuristic dress


2. All white outfit


3. Blue vest


4. Plaid jacket


5. Checkered shirt


6. Forest green coat


7. Knitted hat and bag



8. Sky blue jacket


9. Light green coat


10. Light wash capri


11. Patterned coat


12. Ruched jacket


13. “Be Yourself” sweater


14. “Self-Bedding” shirt


15. Striped sweater and lace skirt

Source: Nate, Twitter and Twitter