16 Outrageous Outfits Only BTS Could Wear In Public

Most of us probably wouldn’t (or shouldn’t) add these clothes to out work wardrobes.

BTS have worn more outfits in the last six years than some people wear in a lifetime, and those outfits have come in a wide range of styles. From red carpet suits to airport fashion, the members can get away with wearing just about anything, including these outrageous outfits.

1. These eccentric clothes were inspired by some of music’s most legendary stars. As such, only legends can get away with wearing them in public…

2. …Jin proved it!

3. Like Jin, V doesn’t follow the rules of fashion: he creates them

4. Blue-stained pants and a baggy button-up, accessorized with a clear bag, neon shoes, statement sunglasses, and a sweat band? Only J-Hope.

5. This leopard printed ensemble could only belong to someone as fashion-forward as BTS’s leader.

6. These retro outfits were designed to be a bit weird, but BTS still look like kings…

7. …even while wearing them to the airport.

8. Only the most confident fashionista could pull off RM’s androgynous, corset jumper.

9. Jin once wore this hanbok to the airport as punishment for losing a game, but ARMYs wouldn’t be surprised if he’d worn it willingly.

10. These colorful suits can only be rocked by the boldest of personalities, and worldwide superstars

11. RM is much more comfortable in this dizzying pattern than most of us probably would be

12. Airport penalty fashion strikes again, and it’s glorious!

13. Speaking of glorious, nothing fits that description more than RM’s 2018 MGA outfit

14. This outfit may have “vacation dad” written all over it, but J-Hope knows just how to work it with a pair of Chanel glasses.

15. This shiny vinyl probably wouldn’t be the best suit choice material for the workplace, unless it doubled as a raincoat!

16. “Did you see my bag”? Yes. We also saw J-Hope’s socks with sandals, a fashion faux pas that only he could get away with!