16 Southeast Asian Groups That K-Pop Fans Have Been Missing Out On

From the Philippines to Vietnam, K-Pop fans need these talented groups on their playlists!

Thanks to the Korean government’s investment in the industry and the stunning worldwide success of groups like BTS, BLACKPINK, and TWICE (just to name a few), when most people think of popular Asian music, they think of K-Pop. K-Pop has grown into a global industry that many are trying to learn from and explore. More and more international fans are discovering K-Pop and making it a part of their daily playlists. But Southeast Asia is full of phenomenal talent, too! Here are 16 outstanding Southeast Asian groups that hail outside of Korea that you need to listen to:

The Philippines (P-Pop or Pinoy-Pop)



This group debuted in January of this year under ABS-CBN. They have 5 members consisting of GELOAkiraJLMikki, and Nate. They each follow a specific life motto, and their first music video promotes self-love and perseverance. Their dancing is smooth and singing impressive. Fans are definitely looking forward to what they will bring.

2. SB19

| SHOWBT Entertainment

SB19 has certainly become popular in the Filipino community. They debuted in October of 2018 with 5 members. Under SHOWBT Entertainment, the boys consist of SejunJoshJustinKen, and Stell. They are the first-ever Filipino boy group to be trained under a Korean entertainment company. Their visuals are absolutely stunning, and their music is so catchy it’ll be in your head for days! It’s so interesting how they combine both Korean and Filipino styles!


| KP Entertainment

CLOVER is the first Filipino girl group to be trained under a Korean entertainment company! They debuted in March of 2020 under KP Entertainment. The four members consist of Jade, Yuni, Mia, and L.A. They also have an interesting way of interpreting Korean styles into Filipino. Their logo is adorable, and their outfits are really trendy. These girls had a lot of potential! They sadly recently disbanded, most likely due to the pandemic.

4. MNL48

| Stage48

As the self-acclaimed “first idol group of the Philippines,” this group has a whopping 66 members! (And no, surprisingly, that is not the biggest group in the world.) They debuted in April of 2018 and follow the graduation system, meaning they switch out idols often. They have a contract with ABS-CBN but are operated by HALLO HALLO Entertainment. They are the international sister group of Japan’s AKB48. Their visuals are stunning, and each member easily stands out amongst the rest!

Thailand (T-Pop)



Also known as TNT, this Thai group debuted under 4NOLOGUE MUSIC in September of 2019. All four members were a part of the popular project group 9×9. They are James,
PorscheThird, and Jackie. Their style is versatile with both soft tunes, hard raps, and party music. Their visuals are jaw-dropping, and their voices are absolutely angelic.


TEMPT is a fun boy group/band under Attractor. They debuted in July of 2019 with Title, PerthGun, and Plan. Each member plays a specific instrument, be it guitar, bass, rhythm guitar, or drums. Their voices are so melodic, and their videos are beautiful.

7. BNK48

| Stage48

BNK48, like MNL48, is an international sister group to Japan’s AKB48. The group consists of 59 members that rotate under iAM. They have gained quite a bit of popularity and have a very unique style. It’s easy to see their immense talent!


| Merry Go Sound

This adorable girl group debuted back in August of 2019 under Merry Go Sound. Five of the members were previously in the group 7th Sense. They began with 11 members but now have 7 consisting of NineNingningWawa, KookkikHammyGrace, and Lisa. Their sound is so fresh, and their voices could rival even the best in K-Pop. Their dance and style is truly one you need to see!

Vietnam (V-Pop)


| ST.319

This group debuted back in September of 2016 as a trio. They have since gone through several member changes, currently landing at 5: Nicky, Key, Grey-D, J, and ZINO. They are currently under ST.319, and although they haven’t put out a new song in a while, they stay active on social media. Their videos are beautifully produced, and each boy has such unique characteristics and voices. They’re hard not to love!

10. UNI5

| @uni5.6se.official/Instagram

This group originally debuted in September of 2016 as a duo. They now consist of 5 members, including Toof.P, Cody, K.O., Lục Huy, and Tùng Maru. They are under 6th Sense Entertainment and are absolutely killing it! Their insane charisma will make you fall in love in seconds!

11. Lip B

| Lip B/Facebook

Lip B has a uniquely changing style every comeback that just gets more and more fun! There are four members named Annie, Yori, Liz, and Rosy. They debuted back in May 2016 under 6th Sense Entertainment. Their music videos are sure to keep you hooked with their playful storylines, and their voices will make you come back for more!

Indonesia (Indo-Pop)

12. UN1TY

| @un1ty_official/Instagram

This group of 8 boys was actually chosen from the survival show 1ID Music within 500 candidates. They consist of Farhan, Shandy, Gilang, Ricky, Fenly, Fajri, Zweitson, and Fiki. They debuted in December of 2019 under Famous All Stars. Their name is a symbol of their teamwork and the group’s hope of unifying music lovers. They’ve gained quite a big following in Indonesia, no doubt thanks to their exceptional talent!

13. StarBe

| @starbeofficial/Instagram

This amazing girl group consists of 4 members: Abelle, ShellaKezia, and Chelsea. They debuted under Aquarius Musikindo in December of 2019. Their songs will definitely get stuck in your head for days, and their powerful dance with make you want to get up and dance! They certainly have the potential to rise high.

Laos (L-Pop)


| PapayaOfficial/Facebook

Lao groups are just getting started, and this girl group is showing Laos’ endless possibilities! They debuted in February of 2020 under MMR Music. Their four members are named BoumbimPamiePoupay, and Dao. For one of the first (if not the first) Lao groups, these girls are insanely talented and have all of the tools to grow bigger and bigger. Hopefully, they will come out with much more in the future!

BONUS (Central Asian): Kazakhstan (Q-Pop)

15. DNA

This gorgeous group is under JUZ Entertainment and includes Ne1tron, Pen, Ocean, and Ray. They just debuted in June of 2020! The music video is one of the prettiest we’ve ever seen! Coming from the same company as the famous group Ninety One, the hype is strong for these boys.


| @channelmadmen/Instagram

This group debuted in July of 2017 under MM Entertainment. They have 5 members named Aron, Khay, RemMoora, and Young. Even though their views aren’t the highest, they’re quite popular amongst Kazakhstanis, and their production value is impressive. Their voices can shake your soul.

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