16 Things A.R.M.Y Did For BTS That’ll Make You Proud

These good deeds prove that fandom isn’t just about following your bias, it’s about reaching out and helping others together.

1. BTS For Charity

Malaysian ARMYs banded together to host an exhibition and donated the profits to local organizations in the band’s name, including the National Council for the Blind, which assists in ensuring the education and continued safety of vision-impaired people; Mercy Malaysia, a not-for-profit organization that helps the local elderly population; and Turtle Conservation Society of Malaysia, to help protect and conserve turtle habitat and population.


2. Save the Children US

Another A.R.M.Y group started a project to raise money in BTS’s name (and specifically for Suga) for the US organization that assists disadvantaged children around the world to grow up safe, healthy and educated.



Turkish A.R.M.Ys raised ~$500 and donated it to UNICEF to support children with disabilities.


4.  Protecting the Boys

Mexican A.R.M.Ys acted as bodyguards as the members arrived at the airport in Brazil for their Wings concert.


5. Wings celebration

A.R.M.Ys in the Philippines donated 100kg of rice, at a cost of ~$420, to poor children, in the name of BTS for their Wings Tour Final Concert.


6. #btsdonorarmy

Using the hashtag #btsdonorarmy, A.R.M.Ys donated blood to the American Red Cross organization and saved lives.


7. Change Me

A.R.M.Ys sub-unit “Jungkook League” started a project called “Change Me” in honor of Jungkook’s 21st birthday, donating to the Korea Childhood Leukemia Foundation in 2017 and raising more than double their goal of $200.


8. Pygmy project

A.R.M.Ys in Peru adopted a pygmy rabbit for Jungkook’s birthday to raise awareness of the impact humans are having on the endangered animals’ habitat.


9. Flooding victims

A.R.M.Ys in Nepal organized collection points all across the country to raise money and collect urgent goods to help the victims of a massive flood.


10. “You Never Walk Alone”

Korean A.R.M.Ys donated 580kg of rice to Korea’s Institute for Health and Welfare’s Child Support Agency which supports children who are protected in child welfare facilities. The act commemorated BTS’s “You never walk alone” album release and concert.


11. $15,000 to Gift of Life 

Russian A.R.M.Ys donated the huge sum to help children and young adults who suffer from serious and life-threatening diseases such as cancer, blood disorders and heart disease. The money was raised by more than 5,000 ARMYs to celebrate BTS’s 4th anniversary.


12. Charity Present

Not to be outdone by Russia, A.R.M.Ys in Madrid, Spain donated to Save the Children via a project called “Charity Present” to help child refugees all over Europe for BTS’s 4th anniversary.


13. Everyone Deserves To Smile

Pakistani A.R.M.Ys banded together to set up an oral health campaign called “Because Everyone Deserves To Smile”, also in celebration of BTS’s 4th anniversary, which sent out dentists to schools for free.


14. Adopting whales in RM‘s name

Korean A.R.M.Ys donated to WWF and adopted five whales, including a Beluga, two Blue Whales, a Humpback and a Narwhale, for RM’s birthday.


15. The Next Charity Project

@BTS_bamtan club in Indonesia visited an orphanage for BTS’s 4th year anniversary. This wasn’t the first time they visited an orphanage in honor of the boys.


16. Run Army

A charity fun run is being organized in the Philippines for BTS’s 5th anniversary this year, with all proceeds to go to UNICEF. It’s on June 16, 2018, so there’s still time to register!

Source: Kimchislap, Joogang News and Star News


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