17 Of The Coolest BTS-Themed Nail Art Designs

These artists are so talented!

BTS fans have many different ways of showing their love for the group, from streaming their videos, to buying albums, to making art and stories of the members in all kinds of unique and creative ways. One of the most impressive and delicate ways that ARMYs have showed their admiration for BTS is through nail art! Here are 17 different BTS-inspired sets that fans have created.

1. This “Blood Sweat & Tears”-inspired set by nailbees

2. These “Spring Day” themed nails by nyanails

3. This glam Jungkook-themed look by Enchanted Siblings

4. These old-school BTS character designs done by NailArtOnline

5. This gorgeous hand inspired by “DNA” by nyanails

6. This Wings-themed look done by CMYKidd

7. These pretty “Danger” inspired nails done by HoshizoraDream

8. These “Fire”-y nails designed by the talented nyanails

9. Another stunning set, inspired by “Run”, by nyanails

10. These impressively tiny “Not Today” BTS characters by lucky_nail_art

11. Another “DNA”-style look by HoshizoraDream

12. These impressive “Not Today” inspired nails by cutepolish

13. These “Mic Drop” styled nails by notyouraveragenails

14. And yet another gorgeous galaxy-themed “DNA” look by nailsbyhoneycrunch321

15. These adorable BT21 character nails done by lola1996

16. This stunning pastel set by emiijo_nail

17. And finally, this intricate “Blood Sweat & Tears” design by notyouraveragenails


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