17 K-Pop Girls Tried Dressing Up As Men… And The Results Will Shock You

TFW when these women are more handsome than your bias.

Not all female idols can pull off a masculine look, but these 17 emitted an entirely new charisma when they cut their hair short and dressed in boyish clothes!


1. Park Shin Hye

In 2009, Park Shin Hye showed off her androgynous side when she chopped off her feminine locks to play the lead in You’re Beautiful. Her character was a girl who disguised herself as her twin brother in order to join an all-male idol group.


2. Yoon Eun Hye

Yoon Eun Hye is one of the most gorgeous actresses in K-Drama, but she also makes an incredibly convincing boy! In Coffee Prince, she played a spunky, female part-timer who gets mistaken for a boy by the owner of an all-male coffee shop. She decides to keep up the guise in order to work there.


3. Yuri (Girls’ Generation)

Yuri became the new “girl crush” of Girls’ Generation when she rocked this short, sweeping hairstyle and unisex pantsuit.


4. Kim Yoon Hye

Actress Kim Yoon Hye rocks her sultry, feminine look, but she looked just as alluring when she went dark and masculine for Elle Magazine.


5. Jung Ryeo Won

Talk about a total transformation! Normally when female idols crossdress, they go for the flower boy looks, but not Jung Ryeo Won! She went all-out with facial hair and bushy eyebrows!


6. Sulli

In 2012, Sulli played the cross-dressing lead in To the Beautiful You. Her character disguised herself as a boy in order to enroll in an all-boys school for a totally legitimate reason: to convince her favourite athlete to take up his sport again! Sulli’s boyish hair and male uniform weren’t quite enough to hide her beauty. Even in a school full of flower boys, she stood out!


7. Moon Geun Young

In the historical drama Painter of the WindMoon Geun Young played a talented, young painter who disguised herself as a boy to search for her father’s murderer. Unlike Jung Ryeo Won, this actress skipped the beard and went for the fresh-faced look. Her naturally androgynous features, bare-face, and bushy eyebrows helped her to pull off the part well!


8. Park Han Byul

Park Han Byul cut off her hair and buttoned up her uniform for One Well-Raised Daught. She portrayed girl who pretends to be as a man so she can inherit her family’s 200-year-old soy sauce business. It’s true what they say; you really can’t judge a book by its cover, or a boy by his uniform!


9. Park Min Young

This beautiful actress flaunted her boyish charms in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. In it, she plays a woman who disguises herself as her brother in order to study as a scholar during a time when women were not allowed to receive the same education.


10. Park Gyuri

Former KARA member Gyuri showed fans that she was capable of pulling off a boy look when she filmed for Nail Shop Paris. Her short hair surprised many, but it fit her well. She looked beautiful in it, yet handsome at the same time.


11. Goo Hye Sun

Actress Goo Hye Sun‘s cute baby face made her look boyishly adorable in this period costume!


12. Kim Min Jung

In 2011, actress Kim Min Jung tried out a tomboy look for an ELLE photo shoot. She looked super handsome with dark eyebrows and short, blonde hair!


13. Ari (TAHITI)

Ari‘s schoolgirl bob is cute, but fans do miss her flower boy look!


14. Amber [f(x)]

Amber is queen (king?) of the K-Pop tomboys! Unlike most of the idols on this list, she’s not doing the tomboy look for a drama or a photo shoot: it’s part of who she is! Amber hasn’t had long hair since pre-debut days and is rarely ever seen in a dress.


15. Kang Jiyoung (former KARA member)

Kang Jiyoung made hearts flutter when she transformed into a boy for the Japanese movie Unrequited Love Spiral. She looks like the kind of badboy you wouldn’t bring home to meet your parents!


16. Jung Hye In

The first time fans saw Jung Hye In in this tomboy get-up they had to do a double-take. Is that really the same person? This stunning actress did some genderbending in order to star as a coffee shop manager in Jugglers. 


17. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO)

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul showed her masculine side in the “Um Oh Ah Yeah” music. Since then, she’s been called “handsome” by many of her fans.


Bonus: All of the Chinese idol group FFC-Acrush!

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