17 Times BLACKPINK’s Jisoo Was Total Girlfriend Material

Number 10 is the dream.

Like fellow member Lisa, BLACKPINK‘s Jisoo also has a number of photos that just scream “girlfriend material”. With her relatable personality, caring aura, and gorgeous looks, she’d be the dream girlfriend.

Check out some of the best examples below!

1. Watching the sunset with you

2. Going to cafes with you

3. Playing around with you

4. Taking a walk with you

5. Going on road trips with you

6. Crossing the street with you

7. Eating out with you

8. Having dates with you

9. Drinking coffee with you

10. Loving Dalgom with you

11. Celebrating Halloween with you

12. Going to parties with you

13. Hanging out in the balcony with you

14. Having trips with you

15. Visiting aquariums with you

16. Making memories with you

17. And being a friend to you