15 Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Was Total Girlfriend Material

If only #12 came true!

BLACKPINK‘s Lisa is a successful singer, model and mentor. For one lucky person, she’ll also be a wonderful girlfriend as well. For the benefit of most fans, Lisa still has a number of photos and videos that perfectly show off a “girlfriend vibe”.

Check them out below!

1. Showing off her love for her pets

2. Sending you a photo from the plane

3. Enjoying street food together

4. Travelling together

5. Waking up fresh

6. Taking your photo

7. Chilling together

8. Baking for you

9. Walking together

10. Going to restaurants with each other

11. Doing aegyo for you

12. Video calling with you

13. Looking at you

14. Laughing with you

15. And finally, saying bye to you