30+ Times BLACKPINK’s Lisa Took Our Breaths Away With Her Effortless Beauty

We can’t breath.

BLACKPINK is girl group full of natural beauties. Their very own maknae, Lisa, is not only popular for her incredible rap and dance skills, but her visuals as well. Iconic bangs, body-line, and more, this is Lisa!

Check out some of her most breath-taking looks below.

1. When she was one with nature

2. When she rocked orange hair

3. When she rocked red hair

4. When she showed off her side profile

5. When she lit the stage

6. When she had gorgeous waves

7. When she was a natural beauty

8. When she was a street goddess

9. When she flipped her hair

10. When she was the epitome of ‘dainty’

11. When she wore a beret

12. When she made dimples in her cheeks

13. When she gave the largest smile

14. When she made you wonder what she’s thinking

15. When she was perfect for a wallpaper

16. When she was happy to see a fan

17. When she reminded everyone she’s BLACKPINK’s maknae

18. When we all wanted her heart

19. When she was a flower princess

20. When she was sassy and sweet

21. When she was CELINE’s muse

22. When she walked with confidence

23. When she rocked a sequined blazer and jeans

24. When she released this dance cover

25. When she wore glasses

26. When she was the glasses queen

27. When she was the dancing queen

28. When she set the stage on fire

29. When she wore cropped tops like nobody’s business

30. When her abs were #goals

31. When she was breathtaking

32. No wonder she was #1 in TC Candler‘s 2019 list of 100 Most Beautiful faces!