20+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Took Our Breaths Away With Her Effortless Beauty

We’re in love.

BLACKPINK‘s Jennie is a renowned style icon and visual queen. Some photos perfectly capture just how gorgeous she is. No matter what time, place, or outfit the picture was taken in, she’s always breathtaking.

Check out some examples below!

1. Is she a doll?

2. She certainly looks like one

3. This is one of her most iconic airport outfits

4. That hair flip though!

5. She looks unreal

6. Red is truly her color

7. She’s a bare faced beauty

8. But makeup adorns her just as well

9. She’s probably an angel

10. Even birds love her

11. Comfy Jennie is a total mood

12. Out-for-a-party Jennie is a concept

13. Her hair is #goals

14. She’s sunshine and flowers

15. And brighter than the sun

16. This LBD made jaws drop

17. Nature brings out her beauty

18. She’s a natural beauty

19. She’s golden

20. She’s angelic

21. All of her pictures are perfect

22. Right?

Jennie’s absolutely breathtaking, period.