18 Global Corporations That Are Just BTS Stans Cosplaying As Companies

We don’t blame them at all 😂

BTS‘s fandom, ARMY is filled with successful stans from John Cena to Lizzo. They also have whole corporations and businesses supporting them too! Most use their influence and verified status on social media to promote BTS (as they should).

Here are 18 business accounts that are basically BTS stan accounts:

1. Bagel Bites

Perhaps one of the most popular business accounts among the ARMY Twitter community is Bagel Bites. They frequently tweet about BTS and even reply to BTS’s tweets from the brand account.

2. Chips Ahoy!

Similar to Bagel Bites, the cookie brand Chips Ahoy! shows up in BTS’s tweet replies.

They also are one to frequently tweet about BTS, especially when something big is happening like the time the group appeared on Saturday Night Live.

3. NBC Entertainment

When Jimmy Fallon held “BTS Week” on The Tonight Show, NBC Entertainment tweeted their excitement.

They inspired the whole crew to join along, including Peacock.

4. McDonald’s

Today, McDonald’s announced what will soon become one of the most legendary collabs of all time. Since the news of “BTS Meal,” McDonald’s has revealed themselves to be quite the ARMY.

5. Starbucks

This viral tweet will forever be iconic.

6. Samsung Mobile

No surprise here considering BTS’s partnership with them. Samsung has even released a BTS edition of their S20+ 5G phone and Galaxy Buds.

7. Guinness World Records

Considering BTS continually breaks records, it makes sense.

8. The whole MATTEL gang

Ever since MATTEL’s collaboration with BTS for their line of BTS dolls and BTS edition of UNO, both official accounts for MATTEL, UNO, Hot Wheels, and Barbie reply to other brand accounts with tweets related to BTS.

9. Semrush

This software company is just as excited about McDonald’s BTS Meal as we are and that says a lot.

10. Butterfinger

This came as no surprise considering they were featured in the “Fake Love” music video!

11. Heineken

The fact that BTS is now cheating on Heineken with Lotte Chilsung’s Kloud Beer. 🥺

12. Target

Target has low-key become a K-Pop store and we’re 100% okay with that.

13. Redbox

Since Redbox stans BTS, shouldn’t they have Burn the Stage or Bon Voyage available for rental?

They even revealed their bias!

14. Pantene and TRESemmé

Only BTS can bring rival competitors together… even if it is to argue over whether BTS loves them more.

15. Spotify

When Target’s 2020 Wrapped came through to reveal them as the BTS stan we knew them to be, Spotify showed their approval!

16. Waze

Even GPS navigation apps stan BTS!

17. Hell’s Kitchen

This one was least expected, to be honest.

18. Burger King

Poor BK… Who is going to break the news to them?

They had been one of the most vocal BTS stans of all. 🥺


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