Lizzo Is Back Fangirling About BTS And This Time It’s All About V

It’s a hard life being a multi-stan!

American singer and songwriter Lizzo recently revealed that she was a BTS fan in a recent Instagram Live. She even told fans that her bias was Jimin because of his humor, passionate performances, and stunning visuals.

In her most recent live stream, Lizzo once again showcased her love for BTS. However, this time, her focus was on V! Although she emphasized that Jimin is her bias, she couldn’t help but fangirl over V’s fashion!

Jimin is my favorite, but when it comes to fashion…

— Lizzo

| @bangtan20613/TikTok 

In particular, there seemed to be a double-breasted jacket that Lizzo was particularly in love saying, “Baby, do you see this?

| @bangtan20613/TikTok

If that wasn’t enough, she basically just confirmed what we all knew, and that was that V is just the whole package!

You can’t take your eyes off of this man. He dresses, he got that ‘je ne sais quoi.’

— Lizzo

Lizzo has just proved the point that everyone loves a well-dressed man!

| @BTS_twt/ Twitter

Check out the full video below!