Lizzo Reveals Her Love For BTS And Who Her Bias Is On Instagram Live

Welcome to the ARMY life, Lizzo!

On a recent Instagram live, American singer and songwriter Lizzo revealed how she feels about BTS.


When a fan asked her if she was a fan, she revealed her sister is one that got her into the group.

I do like BTS. My sister loves BTS. My sister is an ARMY and she introduced me to BTS.

— Lizzo

She also revealed two of the things that make them so special, which ARMYs can agree with!

I think they’re extremely talented, it’s mindblowing, and funny when you really get to know everyone’s individual personalities.

— Lizzo

One member in particular she mentioned was Jimin.

His sense of humor, passionate performances, and stunning visuals caught her eye!

I love Jimin. I think Jimin is hilarious and like, fierce and beautiful.

— Lizzo

ARMYs know the feeling, Lizzo!

Check out her video discussing BTS below.