BTS’s RM References ARMYs’ “Inside Joke” In New MV, But It’s Deeper Than That

He “revealed” his wife and kid.

BTS‘s RM is soon releasing his new solo album, Right Place, Wrong Person, on May 24. Ahead of its release, he released “Come back to me” as a single, along with a cinematic music video.

The music video shows RM running through what feels like a maze. He travels from room to room, finding himself in various scenarios and living different lives, but he is never truly happy until the end when he walks off with the one person with whom he is happy.

Until he found happiness in the video, one of the lives he found himself in was as a husband and father. We saw him with a wife and daughter, brushing their teeth together.

Immediately, ARMYs couldn’t help but find amusement in this scene, even more so than the moment he was a baby. This is low-key an inside joke within the fandom that goes way back. So, ARMYs couldn’t help but wonder if he inserted it for that reason.


For years, ARMYs have joked that RM might not just be the “parent” of BTS but also the father of several kids in his personal life.



Some have gone so far as to discover “evidence” that RM has a “secret family.” This includes RM removing a ring from his ring finger during interviews, implying this is a sign he is already married in secret.

Nonetheless, when asked about marriage plans, RM has stated that he doesn’t even know when he will get married despite the endless rumors surrounding this topic.

RM actually revealed ahead of his enlistment that he fears getting married. When guesting on tvN variety show The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge, the rapper shared his concerns about marriage. However, he once assumed he would get married, likely due to societal expectations.

First of all, it’s pretty scary for me… I’m not sure about it. To promise eternity to someone, officiate it, and bring your friends together… Before, the thought of, ‘Will that ever happen in my life?’ seemed natural to me. I figured that when the time came, I would get a job, work hard [in life], and get married.

— RM

RM has since recognized that his life does not have to adhere to societal expectations. So, he is unsure if marriage is in his future.

[But now], there is the fact that I chose to live an unusual life… A few years ago, I suddenly began to think for the first time, ‘Maybe I won’t be able to get [married].’ And once that thought began, it got out of hand.

— RM

Marriage is a commitment, so it is not something to take lightly. It’s also not in everyone’s goals. No one should feel pressured to do anything just because others suggest it’s how one should live. Only we can know what is best for us. To live with a spouse does not guarantee happiness.

It seems the “Come back to me” music video communicated this exact sentiment. RM portrayed the various “lives” that society attempts to force us into, only for him to find his personal happiness in the end, away from the expectations of others.


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