Why BTS’s RM Might Never Get Married

He explained why marriage is “scary.”

Of all the BTS members, RM has been the one rumored to secretly be married with kids. However, it’s far from the truth.


ARMYs have an ongoing “joke” that RM is already married with several kids.

Some have pointed to video “evidence” of RM removing a ring from his ring finger during interviews as proof that he is married already…

Yet, RM has not only denied it but personally stated that he doesn’t even know when he will get married despite rumors surrounding this topic.

In fact, RM is actually afraid to get married.

He recently guested on tvN variety show The Dictionary of Useless Human Knowledge. RM revealed his concerns about marriage, although he previously assumed he would get married, likely due to societal expectations.

First of all, it’s pretty scary for me… I’m not sure about it. To promise eternity to someone, officiate it, and bring your friends together… Before, the thought of, ‘Will that ever happen in my life?’ seemed natural to me. I figured that when the time came, I would get a job, work hard [in life], and get married.

— RM

Now, RM recognizes his life doesn’t conform to societal expectations. So, he is not sure if he will ever get married.

[But now], there is the fact that I chose to live an unusual life… A few years ago, I suddenly began to think for the first time, ‘Maybe I won’t be able to get [married].’ And once that thought began, it got out of hand.

— RM

Marriage is certainly not an easy commitment nor one to take lightly. So, his concerns are 100% valid, and no one should feel pressured into marriage simply because of what society claims is the way to live. One can live contently with or without a spouse. So, whatever RM decides for his life is the right thing. We only wish for his happiness.

Watch the clip below.


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