When Will BTS’s RM Get Married? RM Responds Honestly

Many people could relate to what he said.

With BTS‘s Suga receiving marriage proposals left and right from eager fans who would love to be tied to the idol, they couldn’t forget about leader RM.


Since RM offered a hilarious solution for Suga to put an end to all the proposals for good, fans couldn’t help asking when he was preparing to tie the knot as well.

During RM’s live broadcast after their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert, a fan asked RM, “When are you planning to get married?

Though RM briefly made an expression of surprise, he answered it quickly with an answer that many people could relate to.

Even though some people have a timeline for marriage in mind, that wasn’t the case for him. Giving the most honest response he could, RM answered, “I don’t know.

Since life can be unpredictable and even the best-laid plans can fall through, RM is putting it in destiny’s hands.

Source: Naver Live