BTS’s Suga Received Another Marriage Proposal, But Responded With His Knowledge On Las Vegas Weddings

ARMYs volunteer to test his knowledge!

One of the long-running jokes amongst the members of BTS is that member Suga seems to be inundated with marriage proposals during live broadcasts. Whether Suga is there or not, the members always seem to find an ARMY wanting to marry the rapper, and it isn’t surprising to see why.

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Even though BTS might be in Las Vegas after attending the 2022 GRAMMYs and ahead of their PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE shows, it seems like the proposals never stop. In particular, it seems to have been emphasized in a city famous for its over-the-top weddings.

After the 2022 GRAMMYs event, the members surprised fans with a live broadcast where they spoke about the event, their experiences meeting celebrities, and much more.


During the broadcast, Jin wasn’t even near the tablet but announced that an ARMY had written, “Suga, marry me.” Although the other members joked that Jin must have hawk eyes to see that someone thought that, V explained that there were always a lot of proposals for Suga.


After Jin made up the comment, Jungkook explained that he actually did see someone asking to marry Suga. The members then joked that it was definitely common and that every ARMY must want to marry the group’s rapper.

Jungkook: There really is a “Yoongi, marry me” comment here.

Jin: I’m saying this comment shows up every time!

Jimin: Is it really there?

Jungkook: *nods* this just shows up no matter what.

Jin: I’m telling you, I see “Suga marry me” even in my solo VLIVEs!


Although Suga tried to defend himself by saying the other members get marriage proposals, Jimin joked that he should do it, saying, “You should just give in and marry someone!”


It was this comment that made the topic of conversation have a drastic turn… to getting married in Las Vegas.

Everyone knows that the city is known for its elaborate weddings where you can be married by an Elvis impersonator, and Suga seemed very knowledgable on the topic, adding, “Did you know you can actually do a drive-thru wedding in Las Vegas?


Not only did Suga share that a wedding was possible, he knew how you could do it and even the clause that allows you to annul the wedding.

No, but for real. Here, you can get married via drive-thru regardless of gender or age. And you can also cancel the marriage the next day if you change your mind.

— Suga


Although RM seemed fascinated by this idea, Jungkook couldn’t help but joke about how random it was that the topic randomly came to getting married in Las Vegas.

He explained, “We started with “Yoongi marry me,” and came all the way here.” Suga then replied, “This just popped up in my head, so,” and it was definitely a hilarious detour during the broadcast.


What also caught the attention of fans was that, even before the broadcast, ARMYs were joking about marriage. Many shared that BTS members looked like they were getting married after stealing the red carpet with their outfits.

It probably isn’t likely that Suga or any of the BTS members will be having a spontaneous Las Vegas wedding during their time in America. Yet, it was hilarious to see the members’ reactions to Suga’s proposal and the way the rapper reacted by spitting facts.

You can read more about the times Suga has received marriage proposals below.

BTS’s Jungkook Responds To A Marriage Proposal For Suga

Source: BTS/ VLIVE

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