HYBE Firmly Shuts Down BTS RM’s Marriage Rumors

HYBE has released an official statement.

BTS‘s RM had been surrounded with marriage rumors recently when a YouTube channel infamous for posting celebrity gossip reported that RM was in preparation for marriage. The account, Sojang, had reported that they had been tipped off by a Korean-American community post. The post claimed that someone they knew had been personally told about the impending marriage by the supposed bride-to-be.

Viewers and Sojang believed the community to be credible as only elite housewives with a Korean-American background could register. Sojang had also previously reported about an alleged girlfriend after a few coincidental posts on Instagram. The lady in question had been at the same museum RM took a private tour at and more. These rumors had been shut down twice, once by RM and once by HYBE.

As the marriage rumors stirred up controversy once again, HYBE swiftly shut down the claims. On June 24, 2022, HYBE stated to the media that the rumors were not true.

RM’s marriage rumors are not true. We are currently taking swift action against malicious rumors started on YouTube.


With that, hopefully the rumors will be put to rest.


Source: JoyNews