BTS RM’s Personally Responds To The Recent Dating Rumors In Latest Weverse Post

BigHit previously denied the rumors.

Considering how famous the members of BTS are and how well known they are, it isn’t surprising that rumors are constantly circulating, especially when it comes to their dating lives. Recently, rumors started spreading about leader RM regarding an “alleged” relationship.

On December 30 (KST), a YouTuber claimed that RM was dating a wealthy non-celebrity woman, and the two had a “Love-stagram”, claiming the two were at the same locations and had similar objects.

As expected, BTS’s company BigHit Entertainment quickly responded to the rumors made by saying, “It is not true that RM is in a relationship.” Many ARMYs were adamant that it was untrue after it was spread by the same YouTuber who had previously spread rumors about the other members.

Although BigHit quickly refuted the rumors, RM took it upon himself to respond personally to the allegations and did it on Weverse. On December 31 (KST), RM went on Weverse and shared an update of his own responding to the allegations made by the YouTuber.

Ah yes, I don’t know that person whatsoever/at all and that poodle is my friend’s poodle ^^

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The poodle mentioned in RM’s statement referred to the “proof” the YouTuber claimed to have, which was a picture a woman posted on her Instagram account with a poodle similar to one that RM has posted pictures with which he explained was his friend’s dog.

The same YouTuber then shared the image RM posted a photo posing in front of a piece of art at the PKM gallery. According to them, it was the same gallery the female non-celebrity visited and took a picture with the caption “…Just the two of us.” Based on the different posts, the YouTuber speculated that RM and the female non-celebrity “enjoyed a date at the gallery.”

ARMYs weren’t even aware of anything until the YouTuber brought it up and, after their reputation for spreading rumors, many want BigHit to deal with them appropriately.

You can read more about the full statement below.

BIGHIT Music Denies Rumors That BTS’s RM Is Dating A Wealthy Non-Celebrity

Source: Weverse