“Daddy Namjoon”—BTS’s RM Hilariously Shuts Down Rumors That He Has A Family

He doesn’t have a “secret family.”

BTS‘s RM is denying rumors that he has a family already.


While RM has personally stated that he doesn’t know when he will get married, there have been rumors surrounding this topic.

ARMYs have an ongoing “joke” that RM is already married with several kids.

Some have pointed to “evidence” of RM removing a ring from his ring finger during interviews, as well as his purchasing baby accessories…

Whether RM is a father or not, many can agree he is “daddy.” Even Twitter referred to him as “father” when he posted some hot selfies in August.

Now, RM has responded…


RM made his solo comeback with his first official solo album Indigo on Friday, December 2, along with the music video for the title track, “Wild Flower (with Youjeen).” The full album contains a total of ten songs, telling his personal and sincere story of his changed tendencies, tastes, thoughts, and concerns.

RM did a live comeback show live, and he read ARMYs’ comments. Many left sweet comments, but one user wrote, “Daddy Namjoon.”

Surprisingly, RM read this comment out loud and replied to it! He hilariously rejected the title, claiming that he does not have any kids.

‘Daddy Namjoon…’ Although I don’t have kids yet.

— RM

In April, RM held a live broadcast. Among the many questions ARMYs commented, someone asked him if he “want[s] kids someday.” RM revealed that he did originally really want kids, but he is not sure right now.

I wanted to. I was, like, literally dying to have children someday. But now…you know… When I think of a kid like me… Ummm, I don’t really want to. I can’t imagine.

— RM

Although RM isn’t ready to be a dad yet, we know he will be an amazing father one day! Read more below.

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