BTS’s RM Gives An Unexpected Answer When A Fan Asks If He Wants Kids

It wasn’t the same answer he gave before.

After BTS‘s PERMISSION TO DANCE ON STAGE concert, RM treated fans to a live broadcast where he not only surprised fans with nearly getting a tattoo but also an unexpected answer to whether or not he wanted kids.

RM with child actress at the 2019 ‘SBS Gayo Daejeon.’

Among the many questions that fans asked, one ARMY asked RM if he “want[s] kids someday.” RM confirmed that was what he originally wanted. He said, “I wanted to. I was, like, literally dying to have children someday.

Since then, his viewpoint on the matter has done a complete 180-degree change. Picturing what a child version of himself would be like, RM thought out loud, “But now…you know… When I think of a kid like me…

RM could already see how challenging it would be to raise a mini version of himself. Bursting into laughter for a moment, he said, “Ummm, I don’t really want to. I can imagine.

While fans were already imagining how great of a father RM would be, at least everyone can look forward to how fun Uncle RM would be instead. Since he’s still young, RM still has time to do whatever he chooses.

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Source: Naver Live