10 Reasons Why BTS’s RM Will Be The Best Dad Someday

He has all the skills he needs, plus some.

Any man can be a father, but it takes someone special to be a dad. RM is currently focusing on BTS and his music, but he has all of the traits that will make him a fantastic parent someday.

Here are just 10 reasons why RM will be a #1 Dad!

1. He is a master at “dad fashion”

2. He has already raised six “kids”

3. His patience levels are astronomical

This patient leader is used to the maknae line poking and prodding him, so toddlers won’t be much of a challenge. Probably.

4. He learned the art of “dad jokes” from Jin

“If it’s so cold out, why are you guys so hot?”

5. Kids are messy, but he doesn’t mind a mess

When asked to name the neatest and messiest members, RM raised his hand with Jimin and said, “we’re the dirty ones!”

6. RM Jr. broke something? No big deal.

Is clumsiness genetic? We’ll find out one day!

7. He would have no problem helping his son or daughter with their homework

English? Math? Philosophy? Whatever the subject is, he’s got it covered. Chances are, RM’s offspring will inherit his 148 IQ too!

8. He has many words of wisdom to share

9. He is supportive and loving

For years, RM has encouraged his members and fans to follow their dreams.

In times of uncertainty, he stays positive and leads by setting a loving example.

10. Being a dad is his dream!

There’s no doubt that RM’s childhood dream of being a father will come true someday, according to Suga. (And we all know that Suga can see the future!)