18 Overwhelmingly Sexy Gifs Of MAMAMOO’s Hwasa You Should Never Ever Show Your Parents…Or Your Partner, Unless You Want To Get In Trouble

You can almost hear everyone holding their breath when she did #10 and 14.

MAMAMOO‘s Hwasa is truly a powerful force to be reckoned with!

Because of her drop-dead gorgeous visuals…

…and of course, not to mention, her curvy body which just screams “body goals”, it seems like Hwasa can successfully add a sexy flair to her personal style of dancing every time she performs.

Don’t let these empty words convince you, though — here are 18 dangerously sexy moments of Hwasa bringing sexy back.

A fair word of warning: in case you bookmark this article, don’t let your parents or your significant other click the link…unless you want to get in some serious trouble!

1. Work it, sis

2. You’d be crazy not to appreciate Hwasa’s individuality

3. We stan a powerful queen

4. Marching at the beat of her own drum

5. She was younger here, but her fierce performance persona will always be the same

6. Body roll on point

7. If you’ve got it, flaunt it

8. Setting the stage on fire, even while wearing a full-length gown

9. Dropping it down low

10. Getting ready to give an outstanding dance performance

11. The outfit was already sexy enough, so this dance move leveled it up

12. Giving Shakira a run for her money

13. Wearing her favorite thigh-high boots, as inspired by Rihanna

14. That’s why her move is perfect — she’s practiced it for a lot of times

15. Dangerous in all-black outfit

16. The floor has been blessed

17. Shorter hair, but proving she can still shake it whatever her hairstyle is

18. Were you ready for this?

It’s no wonder why even the boys of BTS were absolutely shocked upon watching Hwasa perform in front of them! Check out their full reactions by clicking on the article below.

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