18 Things You Never Knew About About BTS Jimin, That’ll Make You Cry

“When things are hard, think of me.” — Jimin

1. Jimin has been dedicated to dancing every since he was a young age, and even bugged his teacher to help him perfect his craft.


2. Despite this, he was almost cut from BTS several times as a trainee which put a lot of stress on him.


BTS revealed Jimin was almost kicked out the day before debut


3. Since he struggled so much, he wanted to give up being a trainee and almost didn’t become a member of BTS.


4. A lot of his insecurity from tough times as a trainee caused him to have a hard time with his body image.


From pre-debut all the way to “Blood, Sweat, Tears” days Jimin would go on extreme diets to look “good for the fans”.


6. After the BTS members and the fans shared their concerns, he decided he can’t go on extreme diets anymore.


7. He always reassures fans that he eats a lot everyday and has happily gained weight as well.


8. Jimin always wants to show the best of him to fans, and used to get caught up in being perfect.

He almost cried during a log, while talking about how he wanted to make good music for ARMY but the result wasn’t coming out the way he wanted.


9. During BTS’s concert in Macao, Jimin was suffering from extreme muscle pain and wasn’t able to dance on stage.

He cried backstage and on stage because he was so sorry to the fans and members.


10. Jimin admitted that his solo song “Lie” brought him a lot of stress, and he had focused so much on it that he forgot how to have fun on stage.


11. Fortunately, by the end of the Wings Tour, Jimin confessed that he realized once again that he performs because he loves it, his fans, and his members too.


12. He even cried on stage confessing to his members that they were the reason for his happiness and confidence.


13. Jimin was the one who first said something when V was having a difficult time while filming Hwarang.

V has expressed many times that Jimin is a super precious friend to him, because he is always looking out for him.


14. During “Just One Day” promotions, Jimin would check every chair the members had to stand on.

When he found a wonky, rusted chair he personally made sure it got replaced before they performed.


15. Even before their debut, Jimin was known as the member that listens to everyone’s problems and comforts them.


16. Jimin wore an ARMY necklace for a long time, and confessed he was extremely upset when he misplaced it.


17. Every time BTS wins an award, Jimin always congratulates ARMY for winning the award instead since he believes it belongs to them.

Jimin likes to use the hashtag #OurARMYGotanAward whenever he tweets about awards.


18. Jimin’s wish is that ARMY would worry less about him, and care more for themselves.

“When things are hard, think of me.”