2 Male Idols With The Most Beautiful Voices In Korea, As Proven By Their “King Of Mask Singer” Wins

One of them is the youngest king on the show!

King Of Mask Singer is one of Korea’s most popular variety shows to date, and it’s easy to see why. Every episode, viewers are treated to engaging performances by an array of singers…but with a twist. There’s an added element of mystery because the singers aren’t allowed to show their faces until later on.

The following two contestants have the most consecutive wins on the show, so it’s safe to say that they possess some of the most beautiful voices in the country. Check them out below!

2. Super Junior’s Kyuhyun

Kyuhyun has a total of five consecutive wins on King Of Masked Singer, making him the 2nd most decorated contestant on the show.

As one of the main vocalists of legendary boy group Super Junior, this hardly comes as a surprise.

His beautiful voice captivates not just E.L.Fs but also the general public!

1. WINNER’s Seungyoon

WINNER’s Seungyoon has a total of 6 straight wins under his belt, making him the proud titleholder of “6-time champion” on King Of Mask Singer. He is the youngest “king” on the show.

Seungyoon is well-known for his incredible voice, and he continues to prove that his singing skills are improving with every day that passes!

In case you want to hear his heavenly voice for yourself, you definitely need to watch this video of him below. It’s sure to wow you!

Source: theqoo