Here Are The Top 2 Hottest Rising Actors In The Industry — According To Netizens

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There has been an explosion of new faced actors in the Korean entertainment industry, as dozens of productions begin to gain massive popularity. And as the industry continues to become positively flooded with talented and attractive stars, there are two particular actors who netizens believe are the next “it” stars of South Korea. So let’s take a look at two of the hottest rising actors in the industry!

Squid Game‘s Wi Ha Joon

First up, we have possibly the hottest “it” actor of the current K-Drama wave, Wi Ha Joon. The 1991-er made his debut as a model before he transitioned into acting in 2015 and hasn’t looked back since. The actor has been in everything from melodramatic, to horror, to romantic comedies — with his most recent production being the current Netflix hit, Squid Game.

Actor Wi Ha Joon | @wi__wi__wi/Instagram

Wi Ha Joon has shown off his versatile acting abilities, as he fully digested his role as the serial killer Do Shik in Midnight…

Poster for “Midnight” | TVING

…the professional baseball player Ye Ji Hoon in 18 Again…


…and a police officer Hwang Jun Ho in Squid Game.

| Netflix

With his handsome visuals, fit physique, and masculine vibes, it didn’t take long for netizens to obsess over him. As he continues to increase in popularity following his appearance in Squid Game, netizens have dubbed Wi Ha Joon as one of the “it” actors to look out for.

Nevertheless’ Chae Jong Hyeop

On the complete other spectrum of Wi Ha Joon, we have the adorable, puppy-face actor Chae Jong Hyeop. The 1993-er made his debut back in 2016 with a very small role in a MBC Every1 K-Drama titled Webtoon Hero – Tundra Show Season 2, but that’s all he needed to kickstart his career. Unlike Wi Ha Joon, Chae Jong Hyeop has appeared in very few productions, but every single one has gone on to see massive success.

Actor Chae Jong Hyeop | Harper’s Bazaar

Chae Jong Hyeop was previously in the baseball series Hot Stove League


…the action-packed series Sisyphus: The Myth


…the romantic comedy Nevertheless


…and The Witch’s Diner.


His puppy-dog eyes, and adorable smile also made it easy for netizens to become big fans of the actor. Following his appearance in Nevertheless, netizens fell in love with his character portrayal, which led to his overnight popularity. That in addition to his cute visuals may be the exact reasons why netizens believe Chae Jong Hyeop is another rising “it” actor.

Source: theqoo