20+ Of BTS RM’s Wisest Quotes To Live By

“Speak yourself.” – RM

ARMY already knows BTS‘s RM is a born leader. His words are often so insightful that they resonate with fans long after they’ve been spoken. Here are 20+ quotes from RM’s lyrics, speeches, and conversations that prove he is truly wise beyond his years.


1. “No matter who you are, where you’re from, your skin colour, your gender identity; just speak yourself. Find your name and find your voice by speaking yourself.”


2. “Even if you’re not perfect you’re limited edition.”


3. “Life is more beautiful knowing that we’ve taken a loan on death. Even light is treasured more when there is darkness.”


4. “It’s great to be ambitious and aim for more and more to be happy in the future, as I’ve lived up until now, but I think it’s one of the nicest ways to live life if you know how to enjoy what is in the present.”


5. “Although youth can be beautiful, it can be short and wander off; like a shadow, it has a reckless danger to it.”


6. “Everyone suffers in their life. There are many sad days. But rather than sad days, we hope to have better days. That’s what makes us live. That’s what makes us dream.”


7. “Too many stars, too many dreams. The reality is that in front of these things, I’m just a speck of dust.”


8. “You can’t live without love.”


9. “You can be unhappy but still feel happy when with others.”


10. “Happiness is not something that you have to achieve, you can still feel happy during the process of achieving something.”


11. “They say people live to be happy. If you actually think about what happiness is, it’s nothing much. When you get to eat ramen after feeling really, really hungry, that’s happiness.”


12. “You know in your twenties, you have so many thoughts, they’re like many branches in a tree. If my brain is a tree, there are so many branches…”

“There’s sadness, desperation, devastation. There’s happiness, hope, everything, but when you get old, it gets cut […] We have to feel pain and have to experience many things. But after that, in thirties and forties, if you got so many branches in your twenties […] you will someday become a beautiful tree by your thirties and forties.” — RM


13. “I hope the tendency to belittle individuality or a person’s unique way of expression will change. I think how people do their hair or what they wear are up to their tastes.”


14. “I believe that there’s no improvement if you have an inferiority complex and victim mentality.”


15. “Why is there no opposite word of loneliness? Could it be because people, until they die, have no moments of not being lonely?”


16. “I think the biggest love is the love for oneself, so if you want to love others, you should love yourself first.”


17. “Life is a sculpture that you cast as you make mistakes and learn from them.”


18. “We gotta dance in the rain, dance in the pain”


19. “I think life is about being lost.”


20. “We all have the galaxy within our hearts.”


21. “In life, one must be determined and not just go with the flow.”