Here Are All The 20 Different Hair Colors And Styles That BTS’s V Has Had That Will Make You Pray For His Scalp

He’s had pretty much every color of the rainbow…

It seems like there are always one or two members within a K-Pop group that are the designated rainbow-hair-color members. For BTS, those members seem to be Suga and V! Both members have had a huge variety of hair colors throughout the years, but this will focus just on the latter of the two. BTS has had a fairly extensive discography since their debut, so V has had the chance to experiment with a ton of different styles. Here are 20 of them!

1. The blonde sort-of ombre look he debuted with for “No More Dream”

2. The more subtle and natural brown style he had for “We Are Bulletproof”

3. The startlingly orange hair he rocked in “Boy In Luv” and “Just One Day”

4. The sleek, dark brown style he had for “Danger”

5. The grayish-lilac color he owned in “War of Hormone”

6. The dark, long-banged, expressive style he had for “I Need U”

7. The playful, fluffy, curly locks he had in “Dope”

8. The unusual green notes he had in his hair for “Run”

9. The gorgeous coral color he had for “Epilogue: Young Forever”

10. And the slightly darker, redder color he had in “Fire”

11. And then, when he went full-on fire engine red for “Save Me”

12. The first time he was totally blond for “Blood Sweat & Tears”

13. When he went back to a somber, natural brown for “Spring Day”

14. And when he wore said brown hair with a chic bandana in “Not Today”

15. The unique silver-brown color he was styled with for “DNA”

16. Only he could pull off the rich black mullet he had in “Fake Love”

17. The adorable two-toned blond and cotton candy pink dye job he had for “Idol”

18. The beautiful bright blue/teal style he had for “Boy With Luv”

19. When the teal faded to a gorgeous mint color at the 2019 Grammys

20. And finally, the elegant, carefree black curly locks he had in “Black Swan” and “ON”