20 Memes Only BTS Fans Will Understand

BTS ARMY will get these 20 memes.

ARMYs already know that BTS is full of personality, but these memes take their personality right over the top!

Here are the top 20 memes that only BTS ARMY will understand and relate to:

1. When Suga challenged Jin for the title of the group’s visual

2. When Jungkook and a male fan’s love was mutual


4. When the playlist shuffles from “Cypher pt. 2” and “Cypher pt. 3” to “Just One Day”

5. When ARMYs try to drag others into their fandom

6. When Suga was the most relatable BTS member

7. When Jungkook was more interested in the food than their career

8. When you have height differences between some of the members.

9. When they claim that Jungkook is the only normal, sane person in BTS

10. The truth is strong with this meme

11. Every ARMY knows this feeling when Jimin comes onscreen

12. When you are a full-time ARMY but still need to study

13. When they release a new album

14. When they released a 26-minute Bangtan TV video!

15. ARMYs reaction when they moved into a nice new pad

16. When all ARMY wanted to do was watch them sleep.

17. When ARMY felt so proud and had to sing “DNA” in public

18. When ARMY became no longer able to tell the difference between good and evil

19. When ARMY realized how much BTS has grown over the years

20. And Finally, when people ask the ARMY which BTS member they stan the most