Here Are 20 Photos That Prove ATEEZ’s Yeosang Has God-Like Visuals

He looks so prince-like without trying.

Yesterday we took a look at one of ATEEZ‘s visuals, Seonghwa, and how gorgeous he is. Today is all about admiring the group’s other visual, Yeosang! With his prince-like good looks and charming personality, the sweet vocalist has won the hearts of many ATINYs. Check out these 20 pictures and get captivated by his charms, too!

1. Two visuals in one!

Both Yeosang and Seonghwa manage to make robes and face masks look fashionable.

2. His beauty is unreal.

He looks so effortlessly chic on stage!

3. Even unplanned fan-taken images look great.

Some lucky fan managed to catch that cute smile on his face!

4. He looks great in dark colors too.

Light-colored clothing makes Yeosang look angelic, but he rocks a darker look too!

5. He looks like your school’s most good-looking student.


Who wouldn’t want to go to class with someone that looked like this?

6. Platinum hair + all-white clothing = stunning.

He looks absolutely stunning in this ethereal number.

7. He looks great in bright-colored hair too!

Plus, he makes brushing his hair back look like some kind of modeling pose.

8. Ultimate boyfriend material.


He looks ready to go on a cute romantic date and it’s so endearing.

9. His stare can be intense, though.

He looks soft most of the time, but he can channel the duality that other ATEEZ members are known for, too!

10. Just like this.

Who allowed Yeosang to do this??

11. He looks like real royalty.

Without the mic, some might mistake him for the prince of another realm!

12. But he can also look adorably cute.

How can anyone still look this good while wearing bunny ears?

13. Again, he looks like an actual prince.

He should wear a crown 24/7 with how well it suits him.

14. He has such beautiful features.

Just look at how perfect and dewy skin is!

15. But don’t forget his performance face.

It’s crazy how someone can look so pure and elegant but also so dark and intimidating (but still gorgeous).

16. Back to the boyish charms.

Even his aegyo is quite handsome (in a cute way)!

17. The natural lighting flatters him so much.

He looks incredible in pictures taken outdoors like this!

18. He looks great in all colors of contacts too.

He seems to trend towards lighter colors, which suit him surprisingly well!

19. He looks almost cat-like sometimes.

These contacts especially give him a sort of feline charm!

20. He’s beautiful enough to flawlessly pull off a Harley Quinn look.

10/10 cosplay!