20 Photos Of SEVENTEEN That Prove They Aren’t Just The Soft Flower Boys They’re Known To Be

Carats, you better take a seat for this one.

For a long time, SEVENTEEN members were known for their soft, flower boy-esque aesthetics and cute, aegyo personalities. In more recent years, however, they’ve showed a more mature side of themselves that have had Carats shaking. While they are still certainly the same boys that fans know and love and can still pull off the kinds of concepts they used to be known for (“Snap Shoot”, anyone?), these 20 photos prove that they can also be mature, elegant, and just downright sexy.

1. This drop-dead gorgeous mesh ensemble that Hoshi slayed fans with

2. When Woozi was totally feeling himself on stage, and rightfully so

3. When Joshua gave fans more than just a peek of his toned chest

4. When S.Coups got totally drenched on stage

5. When Wonwoo had everyone wondering if he was some kind of beautiful vampire in this elegant look

6. When Mingyu proved why he’s known as the visual of the group

7. Jeonghan just being rude as heck

8. When Woozi showed that while he might not be super tall, he has the muscles to more than make up for it

9. When Seungkwan showed that he has totally glowed up!

10. When Jun was just plain rude on stage

11. When DK made everyone breathless with his stunning visuals

12. The8 is all sharp angles and beauty in this image

13. When Hoshi’s forehead is visible, everyone gets weak

14. Vernon proving why everyone compares him to the handsome Leonardo DiCaprio

15. Dino may still be the maknae, but he has grown up so much!

16. The8 really just leaves Carats stunned by his beauty these days

17. Wonwoo still looky super vampy…

18. Jeonghan as SEVENTEEN’s unofficial visual, anyone?

19. And Mingyu once more proving he owns the title of visual

20. And lastly, DK just looking beautiful and ethereal while doing what he loves