Here Are The 20 Most Popular K-Pop Groups On Spotify For April 2019

Did your bias group make the list?

K-Pop has taken the world by storm this past year with groups doubling or even tripling their Spotify listeners since last year.

In addition, many newly debuted groups have found similar success on the streaming platform, showing that K-Pop’s international outreach will be well maintained for years to come.

20. PENTAGON – 1,307,382 monthly listeners

PENTAGON have released their eighth mini album Genie:us at the end of March with “Sha La La” serving as the title track.

Their most popular and most streamed song is “Shine” with 50,886,402 streams.

19. KARD – 1,333,724 monthly listeners

KARD made a return with their classic tropical-dance sound with digital single “Bomb Bomb” on March 27.

“Bomb Bomb” ranked #3 on Billboard’s World Digital Song Sales tying for their highest ranking with “Rumor”.

Their most popular song currently is “Bomb Bomb” and their most streamed song is “Don’t Recall” with 32,697,195 streams.

18. IZ*ONE – 1,450,248 monthly listeners

Formed through the Mnet reality competition show Produce 48, this South Korean-Japanese group released their second mini album “Heart*Iz” on April 1.

IZ*ONE‘s comeback broke the record for first week album sales for girl groups.

Their most popular song is the title song of their latest album “Violeta” and their most streamed song is their debut lead single “La Vie en Rose” with 35,309,560 streams.

17. EVERGLOW – 1,471,401 monthly listeners

EVERGLOW is one of several groups on this list who debuted this year. They released their single album “Arrival of Everglow” with their lead single in collaboration with Melanie Fontana who has written many K-Pop hits.

It looks like the lead single “Bon Bon Chocolat” was another one because it was a hit with Spotify streamers with 10,350,049 streams.

16. Stray Kids – 1,568,619 monthly listeners

Stray Kids have been increasing their popularity since their debut one year ago.

With their latest comeback, they managed to claim their first music show win on M Countdown. Their latest EP “Clé 1: Miroh” was a success, ranking #1 on Gaon.

Their most popular song is their latest lead single “Miroh” and their most streamed song is “My Pace” with 21,135,654 streams.

15. Seventeen – 1,670,568 monthly listeners

SEVENTEEN carries off from the momentum of their sixth EP “You Make My Dawn” which was their best-selling album so far.

Their most popular and most streamed song is “Don’t Wanna Cry” which has 53,091,608 streams.

14. NCT 127 – 1,690,037 monthly listeners

NCT 127 is currently kicking off their first world tour in North America.

They are set to release their fourth EP next month “We Are Superhuman” and have already performed the lead single “Superhuman” on appearances on Good Morning America and Strahan and Sara.

Their most popular song currently is their collaboration single with EXO’s Lay and Jason Derulo “Let’s Shut Up & Dance” and their most streamed song is “Cherry Bomb” with 36,995,306 streams.

13. MAMAMOO – 1,710,384 monthly listeners

MAMAMOO have released their ninth EP “White Wind” in March which was the final album under their 4 Seasons, 4 Colors project. This comeback has furthered their momentum, garnering several music show wins and ranking #1 on Gaon.

Their most popular song is their latest lead single “gogobebe” and their most streamed song is “Egotistic” with 30,293,096 streams.

12. MOMOLAND – 1,858,531 monthly listeners

MOMOLAND have released their fifth mini album “Show Me” in March with the lead track “I’m So Hot”.

Their most popular song is “I’m So Hot” and their viral song “BBoom BBoom” took the most streams with 86,798,077.

11. BIGBANG – 1,867,117 monthly listeners

The Kings of K-Pop still maintain their spot on this list despite the members currently enlisting in military service. With Seungri’s departure, all four remaining members will be discharged by the end of 2019.

10. ITZY – 1,933,216 monthly listeners

The newest JYP Entertainment girl group, ITZY has already been smashing records, less than three months since debut.

Their debut lead single “Dalla Dalla” made them the fastest girl group to achieve a music show win with nine days after debut. “Dalla Dalla” also happens to be their most popular and streamed song with 33,794,965 streams.

9. TXT – 1,957,193 monthly listeners

BigHit Entertainment’s second boy group, TXT has been on fire, even though they have only debuted two months ago.

TXT are currently promoting their song “Cat & Dog” which made them the fastest K-Pop group to appear on the Billboard 200.

Their most popular and most streamed song is their debut song “Crown” with 22,811,921 streams.

8. iKON – 2,238,976 monthly listeners

iKON have completed their first world tour at the start of this year and fans are anticipating new music releases from them.

Their most popular and most streamed song is “Love Scenario” with 46,221,802 streams.

7. MONSTA X – 2,579,404 monthly listeners

MONSTA X most recently made a comeback with “Take.2 We Are Here” which debuted number one on the Gaon Album Chart.

The boy group is kicking off their third world tour “We Are Here” which will see them perform at the most concerts yet.

Their most popular song currently is their collaboration single with Steve Aoki, “Play It Cool” while their most streamed song is “Hero” with 30,341,012 streams.

6. (G)I-DLE – 2,659,819 monthly listeners

It’s only been a year since their debut but (G)I-DLE has found plenty of domestic and international success.

Their most recent comeback with “I Made” has continued their momentum.

Their most popular and most streamed song is “Pop/Stars” which Soyeon and Miyeon featured in as a promotional single for the 2018 League of Legends World Championships.

5. EXO – 2,719,661 monthly listeners

EXO‘s latest repackaged album “Love Shot” propelled them to become the first group that debuted after 2000 to reach 10 million album sales.

Their most popular song currently is “Love Shot” and their most streamed song is “Monster” at 79,413,614 streams.

4. TWICE – 2,844,574 monthly listeners

Twice has just released their seventh EP “Fancy You” with the title song “Fancy” which also happens to be their most popular song on Spotify currently, a lot of people have been getting the spotipromo to hear all their songs.

They are planning to embark on a world tour from next month that will see them across Asia and North America.

3. Red Velvet – 3,042,836 monthly listeners

This month was the first time that Red Velvet has surpassed 3 million unique monthly listeners, which is a true recognition of this girl group’s critically acclaimed discography.

Although they have not made any Korean comebacks yet, Seulgi has confirmed that they will be making a summer comeback.

Their most popular and most streamed song is “Bad Boy” with 73,800,128 streams.

2. BTS – 16,955,199 monthly listeners

BTS‘s collaboration single “Boy with Luv” with Halsey has recorded 72,085,167 streams so far and is their most popular song.

BTS are continuing their international stardom, becoming the first music group to top the Billboard 200 with three different albums under a year since The Beatles.

Their latest album “Map of the Soul: Persona” also debuted with an astonishing 232,000 album-equivalent units on Billboard 200.

1. BLACKPINK – 17,821,761 monthly listeners

BLACKPINK has topped the list for the group with the highest number of monthly Spotify listeners.

Coming off a successful Coachella performance and in the midst of their world tour in North America, the girls are killing it internationally.

Their lead single “Kill This Love” of their latest comeback is the most popular song currently with 68,752,159 streams.

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