Here Are 20 Super Affordable Fan-Made K-Pop Goods That Won’t Break Your Bank

If you have a few spare dollars, these could be yours!

A list of some of the most expensive fan-made K-Pop goods has been created, so this list is for those of you that don’t have a couple extra thousand dollars laying around! All of these pieces were created by talented Etsy artists that wanted to share their love for K-Pop through their creations. From stickers to enamel pins and prints of awesome art pieces, here are 20 fun K-Pop goods that don’t cost over $5.00 USD!

1. These cute light stick stickers by LochnessCharmGoods for $1.75 a set

2. These neat Stray Kids button pins made by DimensionCreative for $2

3. These incredible SEVENTEEN member prints drawn by TsundokuGifts for $4.63

4. This cute K-Pop decal made by TheTinkerChicks for $3

5. These adorable BTS greeting cards made by MissElysium for $2.59

6. These fun rubber K-Pop bracelets created by OPPANGOFFICIAL for $2.99

7. This cute Hope World enamel pin made by LittleDoodlesCo for $5

8. This pretty ITZY “ICY” sticker designed by LittleStudyBuddyShop for $2

9. These pretty LOONA member stickers made by Peebakoo for $1.16

10. This fun K-Pop washi tape designed by OPPANGOFFICIAL for $3.99

11. This pretty BTS decal made by TheAnnArborite for $4

12. These colorful SHINee member mini cards made by runfromrealitydesign for $1.21

13. This awesome “HALA HALA” enamel pin designed by LittleDoodlesCo for $5

14. These adorable Yeontan stickers made by AgiJagiShop for $3

15. These pretty SEVENTEEN button pins designed by DimensionCreative for $2

16. These adorable BT21 bubble tea stickers made by OmonaCollections for $2.50

17. This pretty TXT-inspired bracelet made by TheLittleWishCompany for $4.87

18. These super cute GOT7 member stickers made by daebakstickers for $2.90

19. This pretty “Fancy” wall hanging made by MowdDesigns for $5

20. And finally, this “Fake Love” inspired bracelet made by strwbrrysundae for $4.50