20+ Times BLACKPINK Had Curly-Wavy Hair To Inspire Your Next Hairdo

Jennie needs to do #11 again!

BLACKPINK usually sports gorgeous, pencil-thin straight hair. As a special treat, their stylists sometimes gives them wavy hair that simply emphasizes their attractive visuals. With their luscious long locks, they pull off this hairdo like nobody else.

Check out some proof below!

1. Her hair is just amazing

2. It completes the look

3. Even soft barely-there waves are great

4. Rosé pulls it off best

5. But the other members give her a run for her money

6. Jennie always looks elegant with wavy hair

7. Jisoo always looks so fresh

8. Lisa’s bangs + waves = perfection

9. That color is simply so pretty

10. And that purple hair was iconic

11. Jennie needs to do this hair again

12. And this was a look

13. What’s the secret to their gorgeous locks?

14. We need to know!

15. Lisa looks fan-tastic with wavy hair

16. And Rosé is in her element

17. Even the slightest waves are a great change of pace

18. Look at Lisa’s hair go!

19. Jisoo’s hairdo is totally Miss Korea style

20. Rosé is an actual model

21. It falls in place just right

22. Simply gorgeous.

All members definitely pull off curly-wavy hair!