20+ Times BLACKPINK’s Jennie Was The Girlfriend Of Our Dreams

She’s so cute in #10!

All BLACKPINK members are known for their sweet personalities and gorgeous appearances. Like the others, Jennie would be everyone’s dream girlfriend. Her many casual photos prove it.

Check them out below!

1. In a flight with you

2. Window shopping with you

3. Eating in a small restaurant with you

4. Pausing for a break with you

5. Sending a selca to you

6. …and another one to you

7. Acting cute for you

8. Drinking morning coffee with you

9. Visiting the beach with you

10. Sending her OOTD to you

11. Catching some waves with you

12. Cooking her specialty for you

13. Watching the dog with you

14. Going for a night out with you

15. Heading to the after party with you

16. Chilling at home with you

17. Getting fresh air with you

18. Taking a photo of you

19. Sending a selca to you

20. Puckering her lips at you

21. Catching the breeze with you

22. And finally, taking a trip to Paris with you