20 Times BTS’s Jungkook And V Stole ARMYs’ Hearts With Their Friendship

#11 is a fan favorite.

No one can deny that BTS is a multi-talented, close group. Their friendship transcends age gaps and personality differences. As ARMYs well know, one of the most popular friend groups within the members is none other than Jungkook and V.

With so many cute gifs available, it’s no wonder they’re so well-loved. Check out some examples below!

1. When V leaned back on Jungkook

2. When Jungkook was excited to do a handshake with V

3. When V gave Jungkook a head kiss

4. When Jungkook was shocked at something V said

5. When Jungkook slung his arm over V’s shoulder

6. When they out-derped each other

7. When they were wink masters (ft. Jin)

8. When Jungkook linked his arms around V

9. When Jungkook offered V a bite, and he took a big one

10. When they were playful with each other

11. When they almost-kissed

12. When Jungkook made fun of a sleeping V

13. When V laid down on Jungkook

14. When Jungkook helped V stretch

15. When they were deep in conversation

16. When they matched their gestures

17. When V flicked Jungkook’s chin

18. When they failed to complete a heart

19. When they were skinship masters

20. And when V was a caring hyung