Here’s Proof That BTS Could Totally Self-Produce Their Next Comeback

They’re a full talented team on their own.

BTS has always been known as a self-sufficient K-Pop group since debut. Besides RM and Suga being renowned producers, the other members are also well-versed in the intricacies of making a song and performance.

Here’s proof that each member could definitely pull their weight should BTS ever decide to make their entire comeback by themselves. Check them out below!

1. Suga and RM – Producers

These two members hardly need an introduction. They have written some of BTS’s biggest hits such as “Dope”, “DNA”, and “Boy With Luv”.

Any song that they create is something fans can look forward to!

2. Jungkook – Music Video Director

Jungkook isn’t just BTS’s “golden maknae“, he’s also a music video director. He has directed a number of videos for the group such as their G.C.F. in Spain.

He likes creating videos as they can easily translate his message.

3. V – Album Cover Artist

V is known as the most artistically inclined member of the group. He has shared his paintings with fans in the past, explaining that he’s “going to create what [he] likes” and that it’s a “good hobby”.

We can see him making the album cover of BTS if he so pleases!

4. Jimin – Production Manager

With Jimin‘s leadership skills, the role of music production manager suits him perfectly. Here he is tasked to communicate with the members and company what style, message, composition, and more their songs would be about.

Jimin is currently the production manager of BTS’s upcoming album.

5. Jin – Wardrobe

Jin is definitely considered one of the top fashionistas in BTS. He can pull off a variety of looks from street style to homey casual to preppy student.

If Jin were in charge of the group’s wardrobe, they’ll be in good hands.

6. J-Hope – Choreography

Finally, J-Hope doesn’t only add to the song production side of BTS, he’s also a well-known dancer who is said to have suggested point moves in the group’s performances.

He has also proven himself to be a great dance teacher to his members and trainees alike.

Fans can certainly see these roles playing out!

Source: Twitter