BTS V Showed ARMY His Impressive Studio And Enigmatic Artwork

V is talented in more ways than one.

is well known as the artistically inclined member of BTS. Art is one of his passions and hobbies, he created a bit of a buzz a few months ago when he purchased two paintings from little-known artist Marc Dominus at a gallery in Dallas.

V is known to visit art galleries often and he actively supports struggling artists. He also has a keen interest in filming and photography. His artistic talents have come to the forefront once more in recent fancafé posts. He showed off what appears to be his art room, the right side of the picture is dominated by his very expensive art supplies.

He left a very simple message for ARMY, “I’m going to make what I like. Good hobby”. Very eloquent words from V which is almost an encouragement to pursue your passions in your own way. He took a selfie with the artwork that is displayed above.

He also shared a picture of another piece that appears to feature a pawprint and a distorted crotchet. Art is subjective but ARMY likely already has many theories about these pieces and what they meant to V. He is also clad in his full painting gear.

He shared a close-up of the picture which included his painted fingers. It would appear that V employed some finger-painting in this image.

It looks like V will continue to pursue art in the future and ARMY completely supports V in all his hobbies.