Jungkook’s New “G.C.F in Saipan” Will Make You Want To Book Your Vacation ASAP

Jungkook has blessed us with his 4th G.C.F.

BTS’s resident director, Jungkook, has just released the fourth film in his highlight reel series, G.C.F in Saipan…and it is paradise!


This idyllic travel film captures BTS’s summertime adventures in Saipan as they roam white beaches…


…eat delicious food…


…hang out at a resort…


…and nap in the shade.


Previous Golden Closet Film videos have been a mix of interview clips, award show appearances, and downtime moments. This film, however, is all play and no work! 


Just fun in the sun!


As usual, Jungkook’s sense of humor shines through in his clip choices. He has included silly close-ups of Jimin


…and crosscut this goofy footage with shots of his other members.


Jungkook must have had a lot of fun putting this film together! Fans may remember this editing clip he Tweeted on June 29. In it, Jungkook can’t stop laughing at this Jimin footage.


Jungkook set his beautiful (and humourous) shots to “Best of Me” by JOHN.k. This whimsical song perfectly matches the film’s dreamlike atmosphere and is a fitting addition to Golden Closet Film’s growing soundtrack.


G.C.F in Saipan provides a sneak peek into the group’s BTS 2018 Summer Package in Saipan, the fourth package in their annual summer collection. After seeing it, ARMYs couldn’t be more hyped!


To see why everyone is falling in love with Jungkook’s series, check out G.C.F in Saipan here.