BTS’s Quarantine Videos Could Be Hints, According To Fans

Will these predictions about BTS’s new album come true?

BTS is full of surprises, but some brainy fans might be a step ahead this time!

On May 1, Jimin held a live-streamed “log” on BangtanTV. In it, he announced his new role in the creation of BTS’s self-produced album.

As music project manager, he is responsible for gathering and organizing the members’ ideas about the album’s music and communicating those ideas to their label, Big Hit Entertainment.

After watching Jimin’s broadcast, fans are now wondering if the other members have dropped hints about their behind the scenes roles. Based on the content and setting, some fans predict that RM will be a music manager…

Suga will the album’s visual creative director…

…and J-Hope will be in charge of choreography. JinV, and Jungkook have not done BangtanTV quarantine broadcasts yet.

Will these predictions come true? We’ll have to wait and see!

Until then, check out Music Project Manager Jimin looking the part:

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