20+ Times BTS Showed How Much They Love Their BT21 Children By Wearing Their Merch

This is way too cute.

The BTS members could all make great dads one day. Until then, they have their virtual children: the BT21 characters. Here are 20+ times they’ve shown their love for the ‘kids’ by wearing their merch.

1. RM’s Koya pajamas

2. Jin’s RJ pajamas

3. Suga’s Shooky pajamas

4. J-Hope’s Mang pajamas & eye mask

5. Jimin’s Chimmy hair-tie

6. V’s Tata pajamas & eye mask

7. Jungkook’s Cooky headband

8. RM’s Koya Towel

9. Jin’s RJ eye mask

10. Suga’s Shooky headband

11. J-Hope’s Mang pajamas & eye mask

12. Jimin’s Chimmy towel

13. V’s Tata hairtie

14. Jungkook’s Cooky towel

15. RM’s Koya sweater

16. Jin’s RJ headband

17. Suga’s Shooky towel

18. J-Hope’s Mang head

19. Jimin’s Chimmy headband

20. V’s Tata towel

21. Jungkook’s Cooky pajamas