20 Times BTS Went For ARMYs’ Hearts With Their Aegyo

#14 will melt your heart

Aegyo is one of the most unique parts of K-Pop. As BTS reaches their 7th year in K-Pop, they’ve been asked to do this longer than most active groups in the industry. They may be naturally cute, but their hearts, pouts, and cheek squishes are always catnip for fans.

Check out some of the most adorable examples below!

1. When V was so cute, a member playfully slapped him

2. When Jin wanted a proposal

3. When Suga had pouty lips

4. When J-Hope was a bbuing-bbuing master

5. When V had a squishy face

6. When Jungkook tried…but not really

7. When Jungkook made bunny ears

8. When RM poked his cheeks

9. When Suga was a wink fairy

10. When Jimin totally judged V

11. When Jimin stole our hearts

12. When Jungkook proved he could be cute anywhere

13. When J-Hope had the smolest ears

14. When Jimin pouted excessively

15. When Jin made kiss-y faces at the camera

16. When RM went from cutest face to cutest hands

17. When Jimin was a shy boy

18. When V was shy, shy, shy

19. When V and Jungkook were both adorable on stage

20. And finally, when RM made dimples in his cheeks