20+ Times IU Wore A Choker And Slayed With Her Dangerously Sexy Visuals

IU in chokers is an aesthetic we didn’t know we needed!

IU is a gorgeous woman, known for her ethereal, innocent visuals, but she’s got a sexy side too! Here are 20+ times IU wore a pretty choker, and slayed with her dangerously sexy visuals!

1. This choker follows IU’s aesthetic down to the letter: simple, classy and super pretty!


2. IU’s visuals are heavenly!


3. So beautiful!


4. IU’s sexy visuals with this simple black choker is such a look!


5. Her visuals get even better in a white dress and diamond choker!


6. Her delicate beauty is so alluring!


7. Sexy queen!


8. This outfit and choker definitely panders to IU’s cool side!


9. This diamond choker is iconic!


10. IU looks beautiful in this choker and outfit!


11. This simple choker is adding tons to her visuals!


12. This choker fits IU’s dainty visuals so well!


13. IU in chokers is such a superior concept!


14. This ribbon choker looks amazing on her!


15. She’s dangerously sexy in this outfit!


16. This elaborate choker looks super pretty on her!


17. IU’s visuals are already unreal, and they get even better in chokers!


18. IU’s charisma is off the charts!


19. This choker is so beautiful!


20. Gorgeous!


21. IU’s serving chic visuals with this choker!


22. This choker looks so good on her!


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